Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wonder Con 2009

Wonder Con 2009: White Queen

Yesterday Kate and I went to Wonder Con 2009. It was packed. There were more people than last year or the year before. Wonder if this is a sign of the economy or not. At $15 a person it can be cheap for a full day of entertainment. I did not go to the Watchmen or Star Trek panel. They were both packed and I do not need any extra convincing to see those movies. I spent my whole day walking the floor and taking photos. That is a pretty good day to me.

Check out my Wonder Con 2009 Photo Set and Wonder Con 2009 Photo Pool started by Henchman 21

Here are my Wonder Con Highlights.

  • Ran into Twelve people I know. Eight of them this is the first time I have seen them in 2009.
  • Kate bought a Charlie and Humphrey T-shirt
  • Met the three guys from the iFanboy podcast
  • Told the Honky Tonk man that I loved seeing him get beat up in the ring. He smiled back at me.
  • Saw a girl in a Flying Spaghetti Monster Costume, but did not take her photo because she was having lunch.
  • Ran into someone who knows me by name only through my flickr costume photos.
  • We bought two I Heart Guts stickers for Kate's new laptop.
  • Ran into Paul Horn and Stephen Notley. Neither of them has anything new for me to buy from them.

    Wonder Con 2009: The Spirit
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