Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ulala on Camera

FanimeCon 2010:

I think it is really cool I was able to take photos of someone cosplaying Ulala being interviewed on camera. The guy is making some kind of cosplay documentary. The woman said that she thinks she will always cosplay

FanimeCon 2010:

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  1. Hey! I'm the Ulala cosplayer in the pictures! I'm glad that you managed to get these and that I managed to find them. :D

    Those pics are so unflattering! I'm embarassed. >____<; It's hard to get good shots while someone is in the middle of talking,
    I suppose.

    Since you were amused by me being interviewed, maybe you'll be as amused as I was to have found an actual channel 5 news van!
    It's not a great pic because it was super windy, but still just as epic.

    Thanks for taking my picture! <3