Monday, May 17, 2010

Cosplay Wishlist

Comic Con 2007: Rogue

I have seen lots of costumes, but there are always more costumes to see. Here is my list of costumes I hope to see that I have never seen before.

Series: Any character from these series
Space: 1999
Red Dwarf
Space Above and Beyond
Legion Of Superheros
New Mutant
Doom Patrol
Justice Machine
The Kid Super Power Hour
Misfits of Science
Astor City

Characters Any costume from these Characters
Captain Marvel Jr.
Flag Smasher
Yellow Jacket
Blue Falcon
Hercules (Marvel)
The Phantom

Costume Version
Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker
Cone Head Wasp
Red Superman
Grey Ironman Armor
Red Hulk
Wolverine Patch
80s Style Black Canary
Old Style Blue Beetle
Secret Wars Rogue

Comic Con 2006: Rogue

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