Thursday, July 30, 2009

Want list results

I wanted to update the results of my San Diego Comic Con Costume want list. I got three out of ten. That is not so good, but I am looking for some obscure characters. I think I am going to make a whole different list next time. I wonder if I can pick 10 characters that I can find all of them. It is always a good challenge.

Dr. Venture (Venture Brothers)

Comic Con 09: Dr Venture

Lady Jay (GI Joe)

Comic Con 09: Yo Joe

Wasp (Avengers)

Comic Con 09: Wasp

Comic Con 09: Wasp Wings

Not Seen:
Hyperion (Squadron Supreme)
Martian Manhunter (Justice League)
Rick Deckard (Blade Runner)
Retro Girl (Powers)
Samaritan (Astro City)
Nite Owl I (Watchmen)
Lion-O (Thunder Cats)
Man-At-Arms (He-Man)

Characters I have seen, but need a Solo photo of

Black Adam (Captain Marvel)

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